Why Hire A Wedding Videographer?

A wedding day is a big day for everyone in their life that every human dreams of, but a wedding film allows that dream to stay alive for eternity so that couples can live it forever. While some memories fade over time, having them captured on a film is truly a priceless benefit of hiring a best wedding videographer in sydney. At Honey Bear Films helps capture the everlasting essence of such lovely moments at a wedding. We at Honey Bear Films believe that a wedding video is not anything like an ordinary video it’s a life that couples live again and again. So many precious moments stay alive. Honey Bear Films care for your desire. You always get excited by wishing to be there and relive it. Anniversaries get even more special while watching your Wedding Film and reminiscing all the lovely memories that were made on your wedding day. You can enjoy those moments whenever you wish to no matter if it’s a workday because this is the only movie couples never get tired of re-watching!

Wedding Videographer:

A Wedding Videographer is a person who controls the moments passing by at an event. It is very important that the videographer pays all the attention to the place and stays aware of the surrounding completely so that your precious and inestimable moments don’t go uncaptured. At Honey Bear Films our team strives to capture the maximum of all of those moments happening at the wedding. The pro video shooting equipment and complete command over the knowledge of taking decent shots from various angles let a Wedding Videographer keep what you want for the rest of your life a Memoir. Having said that a Wedding Videographer puts up all the effort to compile the moments in a film that lasts forever.

Wedding Video:

As soon as the pledge begins and the celebrations occur’ a photograph might not be enough to capture the scenery. Why let those moments stand still when you can actually watch them move and let you take back there where it all happened every time for the rest of the time. Weddings are very special and emotional and a Wedding Videographer ensures that those moments are being kept carefully. Wedding video can save your precious lovely moments in time, in a way that no photograph can. Wedding Video lets you experience moments that you could not witness because of being engaged in something important going on’ I mean obviously it’s a wedding and it’s a wedding videographer’s job to save all the moments for you to watch later. This is where the importance of a Wedding Videographer can be seen clearly!

Wedding is all about a Groom focusing on the bride showing all of his love and cares for her and the wedding videographer focuses on every single lovely moment to be shot so that the couple can enjoy those moments together later on. When it’s all done you can have those moments right in front of you. A Wedding Videography is an extra hand that allows you to experience all the experiences that your own eyes and ears could not witness.


Well, it is obvious now that people want their love and loved ones to be captured as a memory for a lifetime there-for a Wedding Video has made its place essentially important for all the couples who are planning to experience this very wonderful moment of their life.

Tips For Vow Renewal Ceremony

Renewal of vows is common for couples wanting to celebrate a wedding anniversary. However it is not limited to only anniversaries. A vow renewal can be a way to show to your partner that you are still committed and can be a way to reaffirming everything you once promised. Here are some tips for having a vow renewal ceremony.

Reading Vows

You can either choose to read the same vows from your wedding day or you can take this opportunity to make new ones. Making new vows allows you to include any new memories and promises. As a way to recreate your wedding day you can exchange new rings or use the same rings once again. Sine this occasion is not a legal ceremony there is no need to have a officiate. Because of this you can have a friend or family member for the reading of vows. For a more formal occasion you can have a civil celebrant or same sex marriage celebrant conduct the ceremony.

Décor & Place

Renewing your vows doesn’t mean that you have to have it in a fancy hall. You have the freedom to have it any place you want. This can be a place which holds a special memory for you and your partner. Or you can choose a place which you both like. Either way it is up to you and your partner to decide where you will renew your vows.

Since the ceremony is very simple there is no need to have complicated decorations. Placing a few photographs of your wedding day and any important photos taken after can be a great decoration. Including such photos will allow you to create a timeline of the best moments of your life after your marriage.

Involving Children

Since a vow renewal is similar to a wedding you now have the chance to include your children in a very special day. Your children can either read stories or poetry, share drawings or they can simply be present. Involving your children can allow you to include them in the photographs and during the vow renewal ceremony.

Be Unique

If your wedding day was like every other wedding you can use this opportunity to show more creativity. This type of ceremony is not limited to any location therefore you can have it any unique place you prefer. If you want to make it more special you can choose to wear your wedding outfit. You can also spend the day doing anything you want. This is the perfect way to celebrate a unique relationship.

Keep Calm And Get Married

You do not have to be a bride-to-be per se to understand the stresses of an upcoming wedding. If you are though, your cortisol levels are probably already through the roof. And understandably so. After all, you probably want to do this just the one time and get it right. Right? And while there are some (a minority) who could not care less whether the napkins match their shoes, it is a big deal. There is a reason why weddings are a multi-billion dollar business. However, just as much as perfection is important, so is enjoying yourself.

Maybe these will help calm you down. Your bridesmaids are not just there to pose for pictures and arrange your bachelorette. They are there to help and support you on your big day. Use them. You are supposed to. So many brides have forgotten what bridesmaids really mean. They assume a large posse just looks better. Delegate tasks to them. If you have a wedding styling in Brisbane, then use him/her. After all, if you have all these people lined up why not ease your stress by giving them some?


In the months leading upto the wedding obviously all that is on your brain are centre-pieces, décor and outfits. To name a few that is. So it is fair that after a point you begin to crack under the strain. There seems to be so much to do in so little time. Plus, what if something goes wrong at the last minute? Well, breathe. Go out and spend some time away from all this planning. Have a date-night with your fiancé. Spend some time by yourself at the spa. Anything that is not wedding related.  Check out here for wedding planner at Sunshine Coast Hinterlands.


Actually, sleep is the number one remedy for any ailment or stressful situation. This is no exception. Besides, the last thing you want is to deal with dark circles and a puffy appearance on the big day. Your wedding stylist can only do so much to rescue the situation. So make sure you get plenty of sleep. No matter how long you lie awake each night worrying about your cake, it will not make a difference. Deal with it when you can. All this running around is also probably zapping your energy so some shut-eye is definitely in order.

Getting Married On A Budget

While most young people tend to spend a massive amount of money on their wedding day, usually spending everything that they have and sometimes even going to far as to get in to debt over their wedding day and wedding party, the truth is, none of this is actually necessary. Your wedding day and wedding party is just one day in your life and it is just a party at the end of the day. You will be excited and happy no doubt, but there is a limit to spending excessively and you will be a lot happier if you enter in to your new life together with money in the bank than if you were to enter your new life in debt or with zero in the bank. If you are creative enough, you should be able to throw a beautiful, simple and elegant wedding without spending much money at all.

Make your own gown

As unusual as this may seem, it would be a very fun and exciting idea to make your own gown. Bridal gowns cost a lot of money because bridal tailors and dressmakers know that brides will usually spend anything on the dress that they fall in love with but in terms of actual material, bridal dresses cost almost nothing to make. Of course, it is understood that you may not have any idea about how to sew a dress but it would a fun project to learn how to do so and have your first ever project be your own dress. Unlike spending excessive amounts of money on a dress that you buy from outside, with a dress that you make yourself, you will have something to talk about and you will have a story to tell your grandchildren one day when they ask you about your wedding day. It does not have to be a very fancy dress. Something simple and elegant would do just fine and you might even be able to get the help of a friend or two who do know how to sew. Visit this link http://emeraldbridal.com.au/our-collections/ for more info on  bridal dresses Manly.

You might also want to consider making your flower girl dresses which will be a lot easier. In fact, you can start with these if you want in order to get some practice and then, move on to your own dress.If you have some extra time before your wedding, you could also consider making your own decorations as these will cost a lot of money if you were to buy them from outside or from a professional.

Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary

If your wedding anniversary is coming up and you have made plans to celebrate your wedding anniversary then this article is something that you should definitely read. There are many things that you have to remember when you make the decision to celebrate your wedding anniversary in an extravagant way. There are several things you can. You can either spend it alone with your spouse or you can invite other people to join along. Either way, it is a good thing to have a plan and make a decision as to what you want to do early on. Here are some tips that you will find very useful.

Make Plans Early

There are many benefits of making plans early. For an instance, if you are planning on going for dinner or something at one of the rooftop wedding venues https://melbournesbestfunctions.com.au/wedding-functions/ then making a reservation very early is recommended in order to avoid any disappointment. Therefore, ensure that you think about this a little earlier and make plans very early so as to avoid disappointment. Once you make the reservation you will not have to worry about anything until the day comes and you have to go.

Throw a Small Party

One thing you can do is to throw a small party for your close family and friends. However, if you are planning on doing something like this you will have to check on something like catering Melbourne because it might be a bit unrealistic for you to cook for everyone. Therefore, ensure that you decide all this before making the decision to throw a small party. It is your day and you do not want to end up doing all the work. Therefore, check on all the logistics for 21st venues before you decide on this.

Get Sentimental Gifts

If you are planning on getting gifts for your significant other, then ensure that you get sentimental gifts that evoke memories. While it is no harm to get materialistic gifts, it might be very nice to get something that brings out memories between the two of you. It might be even nicer to make something by yourself. However, if you have no time, any gift is fine.

Do Not Burden Yourself

Ensure that you do not burden yourself with the planning of your anniversary celebrations. As mentioned above it is at the end of the day your day and therefore, you should definitely not burden yourself. Ensure that you get to enjoy yourself and that you make this all about you. You do not need to make it a hassle and then not enjoy. Follow the above steps and you will have great celebrations.

Love – Leads To Marriage In Any Context

Being in love always leads to – a person getting married and marriage is a desired view that all human beings are to be made mentioned which happens; in the best way of holy union. Marriage is not only a very deep-seated argument which many are finding the will to stand up and fight for but it is also a topic which people start discussing very immediately after they decide to be in love – moreover, this discussion is to have a major effect on humans. As mem and women; too love the idea of being in love and spending the rest of your life together is something which people love to do. It teaches us to forgive and also accept faults and flaws by the other partner which is the most important life-long lesson to understand about marriage as it helps us to live together even when times seem difficult and is hard to predict.

The preparation of a wedding

However, when a person thinks of marriage – the very first and most important thing to tackle is that finding and preparing for a wedding is very stressful and mostly it is a difficult progress as it does not just happen overnight and it takes several months to hence; create the look and theme that initially the bride and groom would want. Hence, at the very first sightings people generally book up the perfect reception as it is the most regarded and factual necessity to make their weddings work perfectly.

Anyone; can go for an outdoor or even within the best place to gather hence – firstly, deciding where the wedding is supposed to take place. Also, the most important to a bride is the wedding stylist at Melbourne who create and accentuate to grab a bride’s looks and beauty which would make it perfectly to create the beauty of a person as well as the bridesmaids. It is very important to make all the girls beautiful as it is the reason: especially for the photographs and other wedding specials.

The beginning of a new life – after marriage

Ok, so – it is essential for every bride and groom to have their day special to make themselves happy also; it makes their parents proud as it helps them to be happier and proud; because it is not only the joyous day of happiness – but it is also the union of man and woman together to be happy. Usually, most proceedings happen in the church as – it is the place where the most important thing that people should witness. Later, heading onto the reception for after service and even for the food, love and enjoyment; which makes it more momentous to the happily new just married couple who would share their lives together, eternally – or so to say.