Getting Married On A Budget

While most young people tend to spend a massive amount of money on their wedding day, usually spending everything that they have and sometimes even going to far as to get in to debt over their wedding day and wedding party, the truth is, none of this is actually necessary. Your wedding day and wedding party is just one day in your life and it is just a party at the end of the day. You will be excited and happy no doubt, but there is a limit to spending excessively and you will be a lot happier if you enter in to your new life together with money in the bank than if you were to enter your new life in debt or with zero in the bank. If you are creative enough, you should be able to throw a beautiful, simple and elegant wedding without spending much money at all.

Make your own gown

As unusual as this may seem, it would be a very fun and exciting idea to make your own gown. Bridal gowns cost a lot of money because bridal tailors and dressmakers know that brides will usually spend anything on the dress that they fall in love with but in terms of actual material, bridal dresses cost almost nothing to make. Of course, it is understood that you may not have any idea about how to sew a dress but it would a fun project to learn how to do so and have your first ever project be your own dress. Unlike spending excessive amounts of money on a dress that you buy from outside, with a dress that you make yourself, you will have something to talk about and you will have a story to tell your grandchildren one day when they ask you about your wedding day. It does not have to be a very fancy dress. Something simple and elegant would do just fine and you might even be able to get the help of a friend or two who do know how to sew. Visit this link for more info on  bridal dresses Manly.

You might also want to consider making your flower girl dresses which will be a lot easier. In fact, you can start with these if you want in order to get some practice and then, move on to your own dress.If you have some extra time before your wedding, you could also consider making your own decorations as these will cost a lot of money if you were to buy them from outside or from a professional.


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